Whataweek Wednesday: Sweet Summertime

Hi friends!

So I don’t know if anyone else reading this lives in Texas, but we finally have a reprieve from the sweltering heat! It’s only 88 degrees today compared to the high 90s/low 100s we had last week! Thank goodness.

So, last week I couldn’t get the color peach off the brain. This week it’s teal/mint. Right now I’m sitting in Corner Bakery Cafe wearing a mint dress and my nails are painted teal with a mint party nail.

Teal: NYC Tudor City Teal Mint: Urban Outfitters Smush

Teal: NYC Tudor City Teal
Mint: Urban Outfitters Smush

Hopefully that’s proof enough for you that I’m obsessed. Oh! And I’m wearing teal and navy eyeshadows. Oops. I’m like one of those old ladies who matches her lipstick to her dress to her purse to her shoes. No shame here. Here’s what I’m wearing today:

I started out wearing this but this dress had shrunk in the dryer and was tooo short. So I changed.

I started out wearing this but this dress had shrunk in the dryer and was tooo short. So I changed.


Much better. Modest is hottest, folks.

Love this easy girly mint birdie dress. Got it at Ross for $15. Flats are fergalicious brand from DSW, earrings from $1 Jewelry Galore

Love this easy girly mint birdie dress. Got it at Ross for $15. Flats are fergalicious brand from DSW, earrings from $1 Jewelry Galore

Makeup detail

Makeup detail: Covergirl palette for blue eyes; Rimmel London Kate lipstick in 12; elf bronzer all over, Ulta blush in Infatuation, High beam highlighter on cheekbones, nose and cupid’s bow. Ulta Amped mascara; Benefit sugarbomb lip gloss.

This week has been filled with mostly babysitting and swimming and applying to jobs. Uneventful but nice! I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with makeup while I haven’t had to go anywhere to impress anyone… but don’t be fooled–the 4-year-old I babysit is a tough critic! Here are some G-approved looks:

No powders were used in this look: L'Oreal BB cream, Tarte cheek glow, elf all-over glow highlighter, elf eyeshadow stick in Gold, Revlon lip butter in juicy papaya, Benefit bad gal mascara.

No powders were used in this look: L’Oreal BB cream, Tarte cheek glow, elf all-over glow highlighter, elf eyeshadow stick in Gold, Revlon lip butter in tutti frutti, Benefit bad gal mascara.

Natural hair, pink lips, perfect date look.

Natural hair, pink lips, perfect date look.

I went and saw Monsters University with the boys yesterday, and it was super cute except I couldn’t get over the fact that kids are so inundated with the idea that college is all about fraternity and sorority life. Sure, it can be a major part and it can be a lot of fun, but think about all the kids’ movies that mention college. They all have to do with frat/sorority life.

Ok, rant over.

After that we went and got snow cones at my new favorite snow cone place: Taste of Heaven Shaved Ice. If you live in the DFW area, you need to check it out. It’s a teensy tiny food truck at Hulen and Rufe Snow and it is yummy. Piña Colada and Toasted Coconut mixed with ice cream is the best I’ve had so far. Yesterday I tried Mangonada. It’s mango flavored with seasoned salt–one of their “South of the Border” options. It was yummy but just a little too salty for my taste; I’m definitely going to stick with the piña colada and toasted coconut next time.

Mangonada Shaved Ice with seasoned salt.

Mangonada Shaved Ice with seasoned salt.

Sorry for the long post, but I am in a chatty mood today, apparently 🙂



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Product Review: Benefit Cosmetics’ Lip Ultra Shines

Howdy friends,

I ventured into Ulta the other day after getting emails about their sales on Ulta brand products. Went in, and came out with $40 worth of Benefit products. Can’t say I’m surprised or disappointed. 🙂

If you buy $35 worth of Benefit products, you get a pack of samples free. Of course I couldn’t resist!

Part of my $35 purchase was the three-pack of full-size lip ultra shines that cost $18:


They came in three very different colors.


Here’s how they look on me:

Life on the A List is the light nude gloss. It’s much more pigmented than I expected and I like it much more than I thought I would:


I’m much more into bright colors for lips so it was a nice change!

Wild Child is a gorgeous shiny and thick purple gloss that adds just a slight tint:


And last but not least, Back to the Fuchsia. My favorite. Such gorgeous color with gold and purpley sparkles! The glitter is not too much but plenty of fun:


They go on with a brush applicator and aren’t too sticky. They’re a little thick but they have great staying power.

I highly recommend them! Get them before they’re gone!

Hope y’all had a fabulous weekend. 🙂



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Peachy Keen

Hello lovelies!!

So, I’ve been nannying like crazy. G and T have been keeping me busy with swimming, froyo, playing with puppies, and Chik-fil-a dates.

Apparently I’ve had a fixation with peachy/coral colors this week. Between my new flowers and new nail color, I can’t get enough!

I got these roses from Kroger (I never got to the Trader Joe’s this week) and I instantly fell in love with the color. They’re not lasting as long as I’d like, but they’re huge and gorgeous.


See? Love them.

My nails this week are Sinful Colors’ Sinful Shine in Mardi Gras:


I love this color. It’s kind of a mix between a Crayola Macaroni and Cheese color and a coral. Like an extra-orangey peach. It makes my hands look tan and goes well with everything. I’ve been loving them with purple accessories, especially.

What do you think?



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Product Review: Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara

Happy Thursday! Hope everyone’s week is going well.

So yay first product review! I bought the Rimmel London Scandaleyes mascara at CVS because I wanted the extra Extrabucks 🙂

Go get this. Now.

Go get this. Now.

If you’re wanting for me to just get to the point, here goes: I. LOVE. IT.

I love the ginormous brush. I love the formula. I love the packaging. I love the little click that the tube makes when you twist the brush back into place. I love it all.

Here’s a before and after shot for you:


Before. Zero makeup on.

Before. Zero makeup on.


Look at that brush! Huge!

Look at that brush! Huge!


Final result: love how natural they look!

Final result: love how natural they look!


they really darkened and lengthened my lashes without clumping or making too volumous. Perfect for daytime.

It really darkened and lengthened my lashes without clumping or making too volumous. Perfect for daytime.

I really loved this mascara and I will probably buy it again once I need a new tube. I still prefer my Maybelline Rocket mascara for a more intense eye look, but when I want to do a minimal eye, the Rimmel Scandaleyes is definitely my new favorite.


Have you tried the Scandaleyes mascara? What do you think?







WhataWeek Wednesday

Hello Lovelies!

This week has been filled with nannying, spending time with my friend and her mom who’s in town, and trying out new products!

So, last Friday, my friend, her mother and their sweet boxer dog puppy Nessie and I went to Friday on the Green, a local concert in the Near Southside area of Fort Worth. The headlining band was Telegraph Canyon. Check them out. Seriously.

Here’s a link to one of their songs: Telegraph Canyon-Safe on the Outside

A little boy fell in love with Nessie, and with my sweet friend H.

H, Nessie and their new buddy.

H, Nessie and their new buddy.


I mean, who wouldn’t love that boxer pup?

I also bought some things this week to brighten up my house. I love having fresh cut flowers in my house, so I try to buy some at the store each week. This week I bought this pre-done bouquet. I don’t usually like to get pre-made bouquets, but this one was too gorgeous to resist! I’m obsessed with these colors. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Gorgeous blooms from Trader Joe's.

Gorgeous blooms from Trader Joe’s.


Another little happy I bought was this candle from Target. Its scent is very light and fresh. All the candles I had in my house were very autumn-y and I needed an update for summer! It is not overpowering at all, and releases just the right amount of scent as it burns. I love the packaging too.


Pink Magnolia Soy Candle from Target

Pink Magnolia Soy Candle from Target


What also came in is my June Ipsy Glam Bag!!

If you haven’t signed up for Ipsy yet, do it now. Each month you get a shiny pink package with makeup in it. The last two months have been fabulous, with mostly full-size products! For just $10 a month, it’s quite a steal. PLUS you get a cute bag. I think it’s way better than Birchbox. Especially if you’re more of a makeup junkie like me.

Trés cute, no?

Trés cute, no?

In this month’s bag, there’s a full-size NYX cream blush, a full-size liquid eyeliner from Cailyn, a full-size lipliner, a glitter palette, and a travel-size dry shampoo. Plus that fierce and fun bag.

If you’re like me and you love getting mail, Ipsy is definitely the way to go! Sign up here.


So, today I decided to look fun because my hair is a little wild (but in a good way). I just ran a little Scruples hair gel through my hair after my shower this morning and voila!

Big hair, don't care.

Big hair, don’t care.

I was really indecisive when getting ready, and couldn’t decide between a coral lip or a pink lip.

Wet 'N' Wild Dollhouse PInk

Wet ‘N’ Wild Dollhouse Pink



Rimmel London Kate lipstick in coral and wet 'n' wild lip gloss on top.

Rimmel London Kate lipstick in coral and Wet ‘N’ Wild lip gloss on top.

See how it was tough? I went with the coral lip and coral accessories. I’m pleased with my decision. I’m pumped to wear that pink out of the house though.

In addition to the above makeup look, I decided to sport an arm party today:

L to R: Brighton bracelet with hope charm, leather bracelet that H got me in Italy, Fossil watch I bought myself for graduation.

L to R: Brighton bracelet with hope charm, leather bracelet that H got me in Italy, Fossil watch I bought myself for graduation.


That’s pretty much my week in a nutshell. Please feel free to leave me any kind of feedback in the comments below. And follow me on Instagram 🙂 @beautyandthebuy








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Latest Loves: Haul from Target, Ross and Marshalls

So, I had another haul. And I have zero shoppers’ remorse.

Suck it, Mint.com account: I know I spend way too much money on cosmetics and clothing.

Anyways! Here’s what I bought:


Target, Marshalls and Ross were my go-to places. I went a little elf crazy, but who doesn’t it when crazy-cheap makeup goes ON SALE? Answer, me that.

The Burts Bees and Yes to Tomatoes were both from Ross and I’m loving it. I wanted to make sure my skin stayed clear for summer, so I bought some purifying shower gel. It smells more like ivory soap than tomatoes, not to worry.

I’ll do an official product review on the Batiste dry shampoo, but I’m still experimenting with it for now. It DOES help, but I don’t love how my hair feels with it in. Of course, clean hair is the best way to go. I got the original scent and it’s alright. Kind of citrus-y, which isn’t usually my vibe, but hey, much better than the burnt coffee smell that was inhabiting my hair after my daily trip to my local coffee shop.


All of this cost about $25! Love my great deal hauls.

So my fave product lately is this Maybelline eyeshadow:

Maybelline Sinful Sinnamon

It’s called Sinful Sinnamon, and it’s one of their baked eyeshadows. I got it at Big Lots on sale for $2.50 while I was in Memphis and I LOVE it. It looks gorgeous on, especially if you want a little sparkle. It makes my green eyes look really green. I usually sweep the lighter half all over my lid and use the burgundy as a liner. Here’s a photo of me wearing it, but it’s not super detailed. But see how my eyes POP? Boom. There you go.

Softlips spf 15 lip gloss in coral. Maybelline Rocket Turbo Mascara, elf bronzer, Revlon powder, and the aforementioned eyeshadow.

I hope everyone had a fab weekend, and that your week is going well. Mine is being spent nannying, job searching, nannying and more job searching! Oh, and I have a date this week. I’m pretty excited 😉

What product are you most obsessed with right now?



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New! New! New! Haulin’ at CVS.

Soo I went a little crazy at the CVS shopping today.

But I’d honestly never bought makeup from there so I was very excited… Plus, a lot of items I bought were 50 percent off. Happy day!


Here’s what I bought: Image


New nailpolishes!


Says it’s for blue eyes, but it was 50 percent off and I love the colors.


Gotta love a good teal polish for 99 cents. 🙂


A sparkly sky blue. I may try this on my nails first.


I can never say no to 50 percent off Orly. Especially to this GORGEOUS hot pink.


This brush is friggin’ huge. Check out my review of it.


Love the color, love the consistency. I got it in 110 Fresh Fuscia.


Stays on like no other.


Needed a new white liner. Rimmel was buy 1 get 1 50% off at CVS.



IMG_2564This one goes on a little shiny and buttery. Gorgeous color. It's called Nouveau Pink.

This one goes on a little shiny and buttery. Gorgeous color. It’s called Nouveau Pink.



Love the scent/flavor of this strawberry balm.

I’m definitely the most excited about the Orly nail polish and the Dollhouse Pink lipstick from Wet N Wild. I’ll be working on some looks with these products to share with y’all 🙂

What’s your latest haul?







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So, I think I have the soul of an 80-year-old woman.

Some people would call this an “old soul” but I think mine is even older than most.

I love wearing florals and lipsticks. I love drinking tea in the morning while wearing my slippers and robe. I love honeydew. I love going to bed early and eating pudding and watching Gidget. Sometimes even all at once.

And I can’t wait until I’m old enough for it to be socially acceptable for me to wear orthopedic shoes and walk out of my house in curlers.

But no, I’m still 22, so I have quite some time before that is okay in any way.

Today I’m sharing with you some of my latest outfits. I love clothes and I love getting great deals. No outfit I own has ever cost me more than $100. My biggest deal outfits can be as little as $20. And no, I don’t look trashy! I consider it a talent.

My rainy day outfit from today:


Dress from Ross: $15
Sweater on sale at Gap: $15
Imitation Keds at Wal-Mart: $5
Earrings from $1 Jewelry Galore: $1

Makeup was minimal again today because I was just babysitting today and wanted to give my skin a break. So just powder and tinted gloss.

And here was yesterday’s:


My chambray shirt is from TJ Maxx and cost $15.
My pants were $20 at Marshalls.
My sparkly black Rampage sandals are from TJ Maxx and cost $17.
My earrings were a gift from my mother a few years ago.

It’s one of my less girly looks and one of the few times you’ll see me in a button down and pants at the same time. Makeup was minimal yesterday with just some powder, mascara and a little lip gloss.

What’s your favorite outfit for a rainy day?



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Well, howdy.

Alex, here!


Dolled up for date night!

So first off, I love shopping.

Sure, sure–every gal may say that, but I’m serious. I am obsessed specifically with getting great bargains, and I created this blog so that I can share my awesome deals with you, and give a few of my fave shopping and beauty tips!

Stay tuned for reviews, hauls, tutorials and more!





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